Reach anyone, anywhere

Fatima can reach anyone, anywhere, regardless of their location or access to technology. With both in-person and remote options for survey participation, even the most hard-to-reach individuals can be contacted without the need of a smartphone or internet connection, at no cost to them.

In-person interviews, online or offline

Research in the field, directly with participants

With Fatima's mobile app, researchers can conduct face-to-face interviews with participants both online and offline, collecting data via various formats including audio, photos, and single and multiple-choice questions. Data is seamlessly synced to the central Research Hub for immediate analysis. To ensure security, data is automatically removed from the phone upon syncing.

  • Conduct interviews both offline, and online for interviews in the field
  • Sync data immediately to the Research Hub. Data is removed automatically from the device for security
  • Flexible qualitative and quantitative answer types including audio, photo, free text, coded questions and skip logic
  • Open response and audio questions are automatically transcribed in the background, ready as soon as the interview is finished
  • Add participants on the go, or start a pre-arranged interview

Remote interviews

Reach participants where they are with a simple phone call

When conducting field research is not feasible, researchers have the option to conduct interviews remotely through Fatima. The highly secure platform calls participants from a pre-agreed number, at no cost to them, without the participant requiring an active internet connection or smartphone.

  • Conduct interviews remotely via a phone call to the participant through the Research Hub or mobile app
  • Participant is never charged to receive phone calls
  • Smartphones or an internet connection are not required for the participant

Import data from other sources

Store all research data securely in one place

Need to conduct research through another method? Simply import the audio data to store and analyse all research data together in Fatima’s secure Research Hub.

  • Import any audio data, for example dictaphone recordings, into Fatima’s central Research Hub
  • Securely store all interview data in one place
  • Analyse external interview data using Fatima’s data analysis capabilities
Overcome connectivity challenges

Data collection does not always go to plan. In unstable connectivity contexts, Fatima offers automatic callbacks or the option for interviewers to pause and resume interviews later.

Linear interview flow designed for ease of use

Fatima provides a seamless, intuitive interview flow designed for researchers of all experience levels and supports various research methods, from self-reporting to peer-to-peer.

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