Fatima is grounded in ethical research, confidently delivered at a rapid pace. Through simple step-by-step guides, Fatima ensures participant comfort, consent and data protection.

Best-in-class informed consent

Prioritising participant rights

Informed consent is pivotal to ethical research. Fatima ensures participants fully understand their rights at all times with a best-in-class informed consent, which breaks up consent information into bite-sized pieces throughout the research process. Researchers have access to the consent script agreed upon by participants during the analysis phase, allowing them to make informed decisions about how the data can be used.

  • Best-in-class informed consent process that prioritises participants' comfort and rights
  • Bite-sized consent script, with questions asked to participants to ensure they understand their rights
  • Regain consent at the end of an interview
  • Consent script shown at analysis stage to support informed decisions about use of data

Flagging and safeguarding

Ensuring participant safety

Responses can be flagged during and after interviews, triggering an automatic email to your safeguarding point of contact. This ensures prompt follow-up on any concerns raised during interviews.

  • Flag a response during and after an interview
  • Add a note to provide details of why the response was flagged
  • Automatic email sent straight to your safeguarding point of contact
  • Review recordings of flagged responses to moderate for safeguarding follow up

Pause or stop the interview at any time

Putting participant comfort first

Interviews can be paused, stopped or restarted at any time if the participant is unable to continue, feels uncomfortable, or simply needs a break. Fatima allows you to reschedule an interview with the participant and pick up where you left off — or delete the data altogether if they don’t wish to continue.

  • Pause or stop interviews at any time if the participant is unable to continue
  • Automatic data deletion if the interview is cancelled or the participant refuses to consent to the use of interview data
  • Reschedule interviews and resume where you left off
Readiness checklist

Ensure both interviewer and participant are prepared and in a safe environment to begin the interview, allowing for convenient rescheduling if necessary.

Proof of consent & participant details

Participant interview data is accessible only after proof of consent is uploaded; verbal consent options available. Participant details are restricted to necessary team members.

Anonymous participants

Fatima Light supports interviews with anonymous participants. No personal identifying information (PII) can be recorded, safeguarding confidentiality and minimising participant risk.

Robust user permissions

Tailored user permissions ensure access control, data security, error reduction, and a smooth user experience.

Data deletion

Full control to delete participant data upon request or when no longer needed, with safeguards against accidental data loss.


Fatima is penetration tested to minimise vulnerabilities and all data is encrypted.

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