About Fatima

There are more vulnerable people in the world today than ever before.

The research process for understanding their challenges has grown increasingly complex and fraught with risks. Privacy breaches, security threats, exploitation, loss of trust, power imbalances and ensuring informed consent are all critical, unsolved issues.

Fatima is a first-of-its-kind ethical research platform. It’s designed to ensure best-practice ethical research standards are met, rapidly and cost-efficiently - no matter the location, timeline, budget or experience of the team making it happen.

Choosing Fatima means opting for a research approach that respects each participant's voice and protects their dignity. It represents a commitment to ethical research, focusing on the safety and rights of vulnerable populations around the world.

Fatima was developed by Here I Am Studio, in partnership with CARE International.

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Why the name Fatima?

Fatima is created by the design and technology studio Here I Am. Fatima Sada, a brilliant Nigerian gender expert shaped Here I Am’s philosophy on what an ethical research platform needs to be. Sadly, Fatima died in 2019. This platform is named after her to continue her amazing legacy.