Rapid and easy to use

Fatima facilitates rapid response research. Created for researchers, by researchers, its intuitive design supports users of any experience level to set up, navigate and deliver fast, well-structured insights.

Automated transcription and translation

Speed up analysis, from any language

Reaching anyone, anywhere, means working with multiple languages. Create rapid surveys in any language with Fatima’s automated translation editor and obtain immediate transcriptions from open-response questions, significantly speeding up the survey-to-analysis process.

  • Script surveys in multiple languages using the translation editor for rapid translation
  • Open-response and audio questions are automatically transcribed in the background, ready as soon as the interview is finished
  • Automatically generated translations for open response and audio questions
  • Ability to review translations and transcriptions before analysis to ensure accuracy

Ask probing questions during an interview

Gain greater context in interviews

Sometimes the best insights come from spontaneous questions. With Fatima’s probing questions feature, researchers can gain more autonomy during in-person interviews by adding spontaneous questions to capture additional context from participants.

  • Add questions on the go during in-person interviews to provide richer interview data
  • During analysis, see probing questions and responses as sub-questions, easing analysis

Add interview notes

Conduct more nuanced research 

The difference between a good and a great insight often lies in the crucial context. With interview notes, researchers have the opportunity to include supplementary information during and after interviews, enriching the research context for thorough analysis.

  • Interviewers can add notes during an interview to provide key context from the interview
  • Add or update notes after the interview
  • View notes alongside data to bolster analysis of the interview context

And everything else

Fatima was built to be the best ethical data collection platform from the outset. Here's what else is included.

Survey builder

Easily create surveys in multiple languages, preview, and reorder questions for optimal flow.

Script qualitative and quantitative interviews with ease

Gather qualitative and quantitative data seamlessly within a single interview. Collect data with various question types, templates, and skip logic to adapt to participant responses.

Central data analysis

Securely access and analyse interview data, with filtering options including tags, questions and demographics, and export capabilities to Excel or CSV.

Live tagging at interview and analysis

Tag survey themes during interviews and analysis, with the ability to add new tags for emerging themes and filter data accordingly.

Quant summaries with downloadable graphs

Auto-generated summaries and downloadable graphs for quantitative questions.

Support and in-app guidance

Step-by-step guidance throughout the research process, including comprehensive guides on ethical research practices.

Language agnostic

Language agnostic design that focuses on accessibility for anyone, no matter where they are and what language they speak.

Self setup

Self set-up with organisational level ability to create project teams and account creation. Manage subscriptions within Fatima.

Organise research by team and project

Organise your research by teams to ensure users only have access to the research and data they need.

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